Crochet Bow Tie Pattern

Crochet Bow Tie Pattern

This crochet bow tie pattern is so easy, it's almost embarrassing to post. You can literally whip up one of these baby bow ties in 5 minutes or fewer (to make just the bow, it took me 1 minute, 38 seconds). On top of that, they're perfect for that baby shower that's just around the corner. If your friend is having a girl, attach these to an alligator clip or a headband and it's just right for her, too. 

These little bows are perfect for determining a stripe pattern in a blanket or hat, too. If you're unsure what order of colors would look best, whip up one bow in each color, and arrange them until you're comfortable with your selection. You can then use the bows for future gifts, or make a matching set of bow ties or headbands to go along with the baby blanket. 

How to Crochet a Bow

Without further ado, here's how you can make one of these little bitty bows or baby bow ties.

- Very small amount of worsted weight yarn
- I crochet Hook
- Needle for weaving ends
- Scissors

tr = treble crochet

small crochet bow pattern

Directions for the bow:

Ch 5.
Round 1: 4 tc into the first ch. Ch 4, sl st in the same st. Ch 4, 4 tc into the same st, ch 4, sl st in the same st. Cut yarn, but leave a long tail to wrap around the center of the bow. If you're attaching this to an alligator clip or a headband, wrap the yarn around 7 times, cut yarn and weave ends. 

If you're making a bow tie, make a chain measuring 15 inches. Cut yarn and weave ends. Lay chain across the back of the bow tie, then wrap yarn around 7-12 times to secure the tie to the back of the bow and to create the center of the bow. 

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Angie Hale said...

Love this pattern! Thank you for sharing :)

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