Free Pattern: Cotton Face Scrubbies

How to Crochet Face Scrubbies

These cotton facial scrubbies are perfect for cleansing and gently exfoliating the skin. Kids love using them, too. They're the perfect size for little hands.

As you probably know, they're all over Etsy and there are tons of patterns on Ravelry for similar items. Not a big fan of gaps while crocheting in the round, I usually crochet in spiral (no joining or chains), but that's just not attractive when using double crochets on something this small. To help avoid the gap, I add an extra double crochet to each round and join in the first double crochet rather than the chain at the beginning of each round.

These are the perfect project for beginners or for those of us looking to use up scraps of yarn - they really don't take much. 

easy crochet face scrubbies

In case you're interested in making your own, here's the pattern. If you don't crochet but think you'd love these, you can purchase them here

You'll need
- H (5.00 mm) hook
- Small amount of cotton yarn (worsted weight)
- Large needle for weaving

Your scrubbie should be approximately 3 1/4 inches in diameter. Gauge is not important in this project.

NOTE: Chains are NOT counted in the stitch count. 
Ch 3.


Round 1: work 12 DC into the first stitch from hook. Join in the top of the first real DC. (12)
Round 2: ch 2. Work 1 DC into the same stitch and 2 stitches in each stitch around. Here's where this pattern is a little bit different. Rather than joining now, you're going to work one extra stitch in the slip stitch where you joined the previous round (see photos below). Join in the top of the first DC. (24)
Round 3: ch 2. Work 2 DC into the next stitch. *1 DC in the next, 2 DC in the next* around. Work one extra stitch in the slip stitch where you joined the previous round. Join in the top of the first DC. (36)


Sandy said...

I am going to go make some of these right now... I made some for my sister awhile back and she asked for more and I could not find the pattern I used. This one looks perfect :) Thanks for sharing it.

ReiLynnDesigns said...

I love these! What a great use for the extra yarn- and I LOVE your bright colors you used- Thanks for sharing!

Lauren said...

No problem! I love them. I have so many tiny remnants of yarn to use up, I know I'll be making tons of them in the future.

Lauren said...

Thank you! Since most of the items I make are for kids, most of my yarn is bright - just how I like it. :)

Kara @ Petals to Picots said...

Such a great idea!

city said...

thanks for sharing.

Jessica Rinker said...

Great pattern! A little big for me but I just finish off after the 2nd row. I also add finger holds to the back. Thanks so much for this! All other patterns I've tried have been too holey or loose. Thanks!

SocksAndMittens said...

Lovely idea, thank you so much!

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